Match Report 14.11.2021

Kettering RFC 87 (15*) – 0 (0*) Wyggs-Lions
(* denotes number of tries scored)

A Remembrance Sunday to forget. After a poignant paying of respects, the teams lined-up to start the first quarter. Coaches and parents quietly excited that the highest number of players available for a fixture this season, and the frank discussions and targeted training since last week’s game against Melton, could together yield a stronger performance this weekend.

An audibly vocal Kettering side demonstrated their greater togetherness from the off, and so the beginning of a familiar pattern for the match commenced: a promising Wyggs-Lions passage of play, a strong individual piece of defence or attack, typically ended with some sloppiness that a clinical and cohesive Kettering side needed little encouragement to capitalise on. A strong scrum, a good run, would end with a rip or a fumble that Kettering would turn into an advantage that was rarely challenged, poor tackling or positioning allowing a strong and quick Kettering runner to score relatively freely.

Kettering were able to score 3-4 unanswered tries per-quarter, after each score opting to kick-off and begin the cycle again. Cayden, Will and Tristan brought their trademark grit, Sonny and Jacob Greiff put in some accurate tackles, Healey and Finn periodically terrorised the wing and the centre of the pitch respectively, but were typically unsupported and isolated when brought down. Kettering didn’t have it all their own way however: whether penalised for their own transgressions when high tackling or for off-the-ball incidents, else a Wyggs-Lions defensive wall providing strong resistance before Sam Hall kicked the ball away for respite, both garnered some cheer from the visiting parents.

A strong showing from recent recruit Alex Castledine was a small silver lining on an otherwise dismal day, this tight, hungry and well-established Kettering side proving a test too far this Wyggs-Lions team still looking to find the appropriate level of uniform quality and consistency. Video footage to study at Wednesday’s training, and the comfort of a home fixture next Sunday, will hopefully consign this one-off underperformance on a Kettering battlefield to the history books.

Andy Sobek
U14 Team Manager