OWRFC vs South Leicester U9s 27.1.2019

Today saw us play hosts to our near neighbours from just down Welford Road, South Leicester. After hearing really positive reports about the performance of the team at the match last week, hopes were high that the same would be the case once again this week.

Our team identity is developing clearly this year. The coaches want us very much to be a team characterised by evasive rugby, moving backwards and forwards together in a line, passing well under pressure, and when necessary being strong in the tackle. They’re also trying hard to make sure that we’re alert, aware and switched on during the whole match. That bit is easier said than done.

Some of those qualities were present today. Our attacking play was clear to see, often scoring tries with ease. Though, single player tries are probably something we’d like to see less of. Easy on the eye it may be, but it doesn’t always reinforce the qualities and attributes that the coaches are trying to establish throughout the whole team. Certainly makes them feel good about the game though, and it’s important they enjoy the game.

At times the team played outstandingly well. One occasion towards the end of the morning saw them work together to prevent a South Leicester try. They worked brilliantly as a team to repel the attack and push them all the way back to the South Leicester try line. Everyone was involved in doing their own bit to make it work. More of the same during the whole match, we’ve shown we can do it!

Squad: Thomas, Harry S, Finley, Reuben, Matthew, Seva, Laurie, William, Jack, Harry BB, Ronnie, Joe, Eddie, Ewan and Harry F.

Andrew Shilliam