Club Shop


Annual subscription rates are as follows:

  • Senior player £100
  • Under 21 / Student £50
  • Vice President £50
  • Former / Non-player £50
  • Junior player £100
  • Mini/midi player £95

Club Shop

The club kit shop will be open every on every Sunday mornings upto Christmas and a number of Sundays afterwards.

The shop is open between 9.30am and 1.00pm and holds a variety of kit from socks to hoodies and wet weather gear.

All orders must be paid for at the time of ordering as we are having more personalised kit which cannot be reprocessed.

Card payments over the bar can be made.


Gumshields are the most important piece of protective kit a player can have.

Although not compulsory, we do insist, from a safety point of view, on all players playing full contact rugby to wear them for training as well as matches.

Colin Storry (dentist and coach) is able to supply gumshields at a special price of £35 for mini and junior section players.

Other dentists may offer a similar product if you prefer but these are unlikely to compete with Colin’s prices.

If interested, please phone Colin at his London Road surgery on 0116 2554279. These are professionally fitted, where a mould is taken and the gumshield is made to suit, far superior to the cheap boil-&-bite type and will stop your child playing most of the match with the gum shield in their hand or pocket!

Club socks (Juniors)


sizes 12-3 Small Boys Sizes Large Boys 3-6.5

Club socks (Adults)


sizes 7-11 Large size 11-14 Extra large

Seniors Socks (with OWRFC running down the back of sock)


These are for senior players only and not available for Junior players

Shorts with Logo (OWRFC logo)


sizes 24″, 26″, 28″ & 30″ waist

Shorts with Logo (OWRFC logo)


sizes 32″, 34″, 36″, 38″ & 40″

Shorts with Logo (OWRFC logo)


sizes 24″, 26″, 28″ & 30″ waist