The new OWRFC 500 Club Lottery Prize Draw

How does it work?

The Lottery will be limited to 500 members over the age of 16 years.

The subscription will be £5 per month, payable by standing order on the 14th of the month.On receipt of payment or a standing order form the applicant will be allocated a Draw Number.For each additional £5 paid per month an additional Draw Number will be allocated.

A draw will take place twice a year for cash prizes. Winners of prizes will be notified by the Committee and the results of the draws will be available for inspection on our website.

All profits made by the “500 Club” will be used to support the running of OWRFC. 50% of the total annual subscriptions will be paid out in the form of cash prizes; for this purpose, the Club “year” will run from 1st January to 31st December.For further details please click on the links below:

Full details of the Rules of the competition:

Prize payout details:

Standing order form £5 / month (1 entry)

Standing order form £10 / month (2 entries)