Facing rugby’s current challenge

With tremendous hard work and support, here at Oadby Wyggs,we continue to navigate through the Covid-19 crisis to where we are today. We remain financially viable and we are seeing a steady return of the vibrant weekends of our past. Currently we are mostly turning out 3 senior teams each week together with a host of competitive matches across the Midi/Mini/Junior sections. However, as with many other rugby clubs, our player numbers are facing severe pressure across many age groups which is of course giving rise to concerns and challenges across the club.

There are a number of initiatives both underway and in the pipeline to try to reverse the decline in numbers and attract new talent into the Club but we need support from our members and parents.There are two ways in which every single member of the club can lend their support.

Firstly there is no stronger form of advertising than word of mouth recommendation, whether that is by spoken word or via social media platforms. All you need to do is to tell any friends, neighbours or family about Oadby Wyggs and about playing rugby. The Club’s Social Media can do only so much, so the more of us that post on our own SM accounts the bigger the audience. Please tell your story to your social circle and help spread the word.

The second way you can help is to volunteer some time! If you have some time to give to help with recruitment initiatives, to start to coach, or to help on the numerous behind the scenes jobs that make the Club tick, please contact the Club via your Team Manager /Coach or by having a chat at the Bar.