Age Grade Players ‘Renew Affiliation’ – Action Required by parents!!

So many of you will be aware of the Game Management System (GMS) which is the RFU database for all rugby clubs, players and members ( and parents of U18 players too!) In particular, it is imperative that all players and volunteers are both registered on the system and are affiliated to their rugby club. Non-playing/Social members  should also register and affiliate too. It is a safe place to keep all your details , allowing only the Club Officials with the necessary clearance to view your details for Club purposes. There is NO cost to be registered on GMS and this should not be confused with Club Membership.

This season, in a move to improve their records the RFU have de-registered all players in the U6’s through to Colts, from all rugby clubs across England.
Each year we will all have to ‘Re-affiliate’ our player to the Club to make them a registered player.  Luckily it only takes 5 minutes!
Step by Step Guide

  1. Log into your parent/carer account using this link.  There is a password reset option if required but check your SPAM box for the email it generates.
  2. Under the ‘Family & Friend’ section, select the player’s record:

3. Select ‘Renew Affiliation’:

4. Check through all the contact, consent, medical details using the pen icon to amend where necessary and then finally click SAVE top right.

Any problems speak to your Team Manager but please try to get this done as soon as possible.