A Gentle Reminder

Following our recent league fixture with Melton Mowbray RFC, The club has been made aware informally, that the referee on the day indicated that he had been subject to adverse comments concerning how he refereed the match.

This was a visiting referee from Yorkshire who was also being assessed.

Such comments could have come from anyone watching the game. However, as the host club, it is incumbent on us to ensure the standard of behavior at our ground reflect our values as a club.

I know we are passionate about our rugby and possess from the touchline the insight; experience and knowledge to both play and referee the match without the mistakes that sometimes happen on the pitch!

I know that Bryn as First team Captain has established a good reputation with referees and this is hard won.

As a club, we aim to be welcoming to officials and visiting supporters, I ask that we all reflect how a minority of adverse comments could damage this reputation and the fun and humour on the touchline that are an essential part of our game.

On the pitch, however, I want the Wyggs to be an increasingly difficult place to visit and play. With losing teams respected and teams that may beat us valuing their win as hard earned.

Chris Redfern Hon Secretary OWRFC