Hinckley Festival 29.04.2019 – U9s

The final few matches of the season saw us take part in the Hinckley Festival against Lincoln, Leicester Lions, and Melton. It was great to play revisit a few local rivalries and to pit ourselves against Lincoln, who we haven’t played before.

Team: Reuben, Matthew, Seva, Laurie, William, Thomas, Jack, Harry S, Eddie, Alfie, Leo and Ewan.

First up were Lincoln and we made a really positive start, with a some stand out individual play by a number of the team leading to most of our tries. I could tell the coaches were looking for more though, as they encouraged the whole team to get involved in all phases of the play. Overall, they ran through the defending tackles with strength and power, and on a fair few occasions showed us what they can do when they run on to the ball at pace. Oh, and the defence wasn’t too shabby either as they closed the space down really quickly and kept their tackles low. All in all, a good way to start the festival.

Our second match saw us come up against Leicester Lions – always a tough, competitive encounter! Passing between the team was much better, more accurate and quicker. Although our defensive press was even better than in the first match, Leicester Lions managed to break through quite easily especially as they had one particularly large player who looked well used to direct, brutal running through the middle. We seemed to be grabbing at players shirts, rather than trying to wrap them up and then use our own strength and body weight to bring them down. There was certainly a different tone about this match compared to the first one, which probably explained why we were a bit quiet and didn’t manage to take advantage of the space out wide. Never mind though and it was all smiles at the end as things finished quite even, despite not being quite on it defensively. Luckily, Leicester Lions seemed as disjointed as us and neither team could take advantage.

Next up, Melton Mowbray. And we seemed to have some midday blues. Our effort wasn’t as high as in the previous two matches, and it was clear that not all the team were putting in the same effort and energy levels that we’re used to. This match saw a bit of a reversal of fortunes, as our defence improved with some great tackles on some big, strong Melton players. However, our passing and handling strengths seem to disappear, as we dropped the ball quite a bit and often passed behind players. We were also a little slower to get the ball when it was free on the ground, something that Melton didn’t seem to suffer from. We seemed to let the performance of the Melton team phase us a little too.

Slightly worryingly, we had an hour or so gap before our final match. I say that because it gives the players (and the parents 😊) time for a burger, cake, beverage or other unhealthy snacks readily available at the festival. Still, all the money spent goes to help the club generate some much needed grass roots funds, even if it does sometimes lead to full stomachs and slower players.

The final match saw us come up against Leicester Lions again, and typically they have some vocal parents and coaches on the touchline. That seemed to bring out the voices of a few Oadby Wyggs parents and supporters too, which done the right way can really spur on our players on. And despite all the food, snacks and sweets taken on in the break they put in a really good performance. We couldn’t have asked for any more. Their defence was brilliant, they were passing up and down the line, and the communication between them all was fantastic! What a way to finish off the season. Well done everyone. Much to look forward to next season.

Andrew Shilliam


Wyggs AGM – Wednesday 5th June at 1930

I hope everyone had an enjoyable evening at the Ball last Saturday. To plan and arrange such a large event, to encourage people to support it, and sort out the awards, speeches and collections take a great deal of effort and coordination. On behalf of the club, thank you to all involved.

On the subject of the Club, the next date for your diaries is the AGM on Wednesday the 5th June at 7.30pm. This is your opportunity to support the club and shape how it develops in the coming year. Hard work and a combined effort will be required to avoid complacency and to build on this year’s successes.
I look forward to seeing you all there.

Chris Redfern Hon Sec

LRU County Festival Finals 31.3.2019 – U9s

On Sunday 31st March the Oadby Wyggs U9s travelled to Melton Mowbray to take part in the Leicestershire Rugby Union Finals Festival. Spirits and expectations were high in anticipation of a round of entertaining and challenging matches against some of the best competition in the area.

The first match found the team taking on South Leicester. A very quick try by Reuben set the tone for this match. Showing early signs  of excellent teamwork and super handling of the ball, the Wyggs dominated the game. Some great tackling by Matthew, Jack and  Seva and superb running by Evan contributed to a fantastic opening result of 8-1 with further tries from Reuben, Evan and Seva. Some resistance from South Leicester was met by some excellent work by Thomas and Harry and for the second half the ball remained firmly in the South Leicester half.

Unfortunately after this first game, Matthew, who had been feeling unwell from the start, had to retire from the matches to rest.

Taking the confidence from this super start into the next match, the Wyggs took on Ashby A. Expecting some stiffer competition, the team worked hard from the off with some great possession and passing with fantastic supporting movement. Super team efforts led to tries from Seva to even Ashby’s early lead. After showing some persistent pushing forward and fine passing, Thomas scored a fine try and, with continued pressure, great defending and aggressive attacking, the team won by 5 tries to 3.

Leicester Forest were the next opponents and from previous encounters, the team knew this would be a challenging and well matched competition. A game full of excellent defensive work, particularly from Laurie and Jack, a large amount of pressure in attack, including some great runs from Leo, and some very tight battling between the two sides followed in a really entertaining encounter. Long spells of possession with super passing by Harry, Jack and Laurie led to Ewan finding some width to score a great try. Further tries from Harry and Seva with some brilliant tackling by Ewan led to a final score of 3 all.

Undefeated, the team went into their final match looking to maintain their record against Syston B. Pressure from the opponents led to some fine defensive play by Jack, Laurie, Ewan and Leo. First half tries by Reuben, Thomas and Evan took the team to a strong half-time position.  Early in the second half, Laurie took a knock on his shoulder but bravely recovered as some fantastic tackling from Ewan, Seva and Harry kept Syston’s attack at bay. With a sudden burst, Leo scored a great try and this was followed by a fantastic run with some excellent twists and turns through the defence by Evan to score. As the final moments approached, a great run from Evan and a pass to Reuben who drove through the Syston defence led to an incredible off-load to Thomas for a wonderful try. This brought the game to 6-4 and a well deserved final win for the Wyggs.

Overall, it was a fantastic afternoon of excellent rugby by the U9s. Every player gave 100% in a brilliant team performance that evidenced not only the growing confidence of the team but also their developing skills and tactical thinking. Thanks to coaches Mark, Raonull, Chris and Dave for all their coaching and to Gaëlle for the team management.

Adrian Manning


Cup Final day is here!

Cup Final day is finally here!

After what feels like the longest 10 days in history since winning their last game against Melton, Oadby Wyggs 1st XV gets to step out on stage at Welford Road tonight against current holders, Syston.

What a great season it has been already. Since winning the league last year and being promoted into Midlands 1, finishing 3rd in their debut season has continued the club’s progress. The second half of the season has been incredible, only losing twice since the new year and they are currently on a run of 10 wins which include the quarter and semi-final of the County Cup. 

Having not competed in the County Cup Final since 1981, when we just lost to Westleigh at Welford Road, tonight will be a very special occasion for all involved at the club. Particularly as a number of players who played in the 1981 final are still actively involved with the club. 16 of the current squad have been developed through the junior section of the club. This commitment to develop young players is still an important aspect at the club and a number of our current squad are actively involved in coaching the junior age groups. Hopefully, this appearance in the final will inspire another generation of players at the club.

For Captain Bryn Bolton-Waugh and Vice-Captain Tom Bishop, it sees the culmination of five years work. Bryn said “We are a tight-knit club and everyone has worked incredibly hard to get where we are today, this is a great reward for all those who have put so much into the club over the years.” Tom said “The boys are just absolutely buzzing to get out there, we have lost out narrowly at the semi-final stage for the last two seasons so getting to the final is fantastic. However Syston coming from a higher league and having been in the final several times before over recent years, are the clear favourites, but we are certainly going to give it all we have got. The team have demonstrated great team spirit throughout the season with a never say die attitude, coming from behind to win a number of games late on. Being the underdog will only improve our level of performance. ”

The team to play:

  1. Bryn Bolton-Waugh (C)
  2. Lewis Jones
  3. Tom Gough
  4. Chris Arnold
  5. Neil McBride
  6. Ben Cornwall
  7. Billy Johnson
  8. Arthur Redfern
  9. Elliot Keable
  10. Jack Elliott
  11. Callum Corley
  12. Tom Bishop
  13. Tom Claffey
  14. Jonny Levett
  15. Byron Measures

Replacements: James Brookes, Michael Wright, Ollie Clayson, Joe Lunn, Nick Tosh. TR’s Owen Morris, James Boden.

Venue: Welford Road, Leicester Tigers Stadium

Kick off: 1945






(dancing to Blue Skies In June)


Holiday Inn Wigston

(previously the Stage Motel)

6.30pm to 12.00am

Ticket price £ 30 per person

Tables of 10 max

Please organise tables and give money and names to Sally Beevers as soon as possible to secure your place. Cheques payable to OWRFC Ball Account or direct to Sort Code 40-46-33 A/C No 51466216. Contact Sally on 07817 739031 or Jenny Robinson on 07769 654636 for more details.


A Gentle Reminder

Following our recent league fixture with Melton Mowbray RFC, The club has been made aware informally, that the referee on the day indicated that he had been subject to adverse comments concerning how he refereed the match.

This was a visiting referee from Yorkshire who was also being assessed.

Such comments could have come from anyone watching the game. However, as the host club, it is incumbent on us to ensure the standard of behavior at our ground reflect our values as a club.

I know we are passionate about our rugby and possess from the touchline the insight; experience and knowledge to both play and referee the match without the mistakes that sometimes happen on the pitch!

I know that Bryn as First team Captain has established a good reputation with referees and this is hard won.

As a club, we aim to be welcoming to officials and visiting supporters, I ask that we all reflect how a minority of adverse comments could damage this reputation and the fun and humour on the touchline that are an essential part of our game.

On the pitch, however, I want the Wyggs to be an increasingly difficult place to visit and play. With losing teams respected and teams that may beat us valuing their win as hard earned.

Chris Redfern Hon Secretary OWRFC

Stoneygate vs OWRFC vs LFE U9s 24.03.2019

This week everyone was determined to put the memory of the performance last week well and truly to rest. And with three teams (Leicester Forest East, Stoneygate and us) playing each other in a mini tournament of sorts, it was certainly a great opportunity to dust ourselves off and get rid of some of the lingering cobwebs.

The coaches set the tone from the start, bringing all the pep talks and team conversations back to two or three simple and straightforward points. By focusing on an organised line of defence and attack, as well as encouraging the team to run straight and to keep hold of the ball once tackled everyone seemed like the knew what to do to improve. After last week, where we seemed to run anywhere but in a forward direction and whenever we did get tackled the ball was turned over time and time again, the small tweaks they had planned didn’t seem like too much of a big step forward.

Our first match of the day was against LFE, who almost always have a solid, well drilled and formidable team whatever the age group. Both teams exchanged score after score, with what looked like quite evenly matched groups of players. On occasion we were bunched up in defence and attack, with the coaches constantly reminding them all to get in a line. Despite the tenacity and often overzealous play of one or two LFE players, we managed to hold our own and importantly we kept the ball when under pressure. A good start overall.

Next up, Stoneygate 1 and 2.

First, some top tips from the coaches in the short break about how to tackle properly, especially since each team here today seemed to have a big ‘target’ player. We all know that makes for a team of reluctant tacklers, despite the fact that no matter how big they are if you get them in the right place they’ll fall down like everyone else.

This first of the Stoneygate matches saw some hard, determined running combined with a much more organised line. We do miss an organiser in the team at the moment though, someone that has a good understanding of the team requirements and who can convey the necessary messages in a positive yet commanding way. Nevertheless, we still managed to find our way in another up and down game, and as things progressed we got better and better.

The second of the Stoneygate matches was a little ‘niggly’. On more than one occasion the referee was forced to remind the opposition who was in charge, eventually penalising them for appealing against refereeing decisions a little too often. There were also a few incidents in between plays that you might expect in a game with a different shaped ball. Despite all that, the U9s represented the club well. Support was good, cover defence was excellent on occasion, offloads got a bit better and we managed not to spill the ball nearly as much as last week.

Focus on a few simple things seemed to do the trick this week, and there were certainly lots of positive things to take into next weeks’ cup competition.

Team: Laurie, Jack, Seva, William, Harry BB, Harry S, Ewan, Evan, Alfie, Matthew, Thomas and Reuben


Andrew Shilliam



OWRFC vs Leicester Lions U9s 17.3.2019

To say that things didn’t quite go to plan today is probably an understatement. Everything that the team have been learning over the past few weeks and months just didn’t quite come together as we’d all hoped today. But, our young team will grow better and stronger as they look to learn from the things that didn’t quite work out.

Despite their effort and endeavour, some of the more simple elements of the game seemed to be out of reach. Confidence in their own ability seemed to be missing. The usual tenacity and desire normally shown by our big tacklers wasn’t as high. Our normally fleet of foot players, able to burst through at ease as they’ve shown in previous weeks just couldn’t pull it off this time. And on the few occasions that we managed to run forwards and not sideways or backwards, despite trying hard to find that quick pass to the supporting players, we ended up losing the ball quite often. Our defensive line looked much less energetic than usual, when we managed to go forward we were often doing so in ones and twos rather than as a whole team. But, considering all of that, they were still competitive!

For next week, it’s probably a matter of focusing once again on some of the basics of the game and trying to keep things simple.

Team: Evan, Ewan, Harry BB, Harry S, Leo, Reuben, Seva, Jack, Matthew, Laurie, Finley, Jo, Alfie and Eddie.

Andrew Shilliam


OWRFC vs South Leicester U9s 27.1.2019

Today saw us play hosts to our near neighbours from just down Welford Road, South Leicester. After hearing really positive reports about the performance of the team at the match last week, hopes were high that the same would be the case once again this week.

Our team identity is developing clearly this year. The coaches want us very much to be a team characterised by evasive rugby, moving backwards and forwards together in a line, passing well under pressure, and when necessary being strong in the tackle. They’re also trying hard to make sure that we’re alert, aware and switched on during the whole match. That bit is easier said than done.

Some of those qualities were present today. Our attacking play was clear to see, often scoring tries with ease. Though, single player tries are probably something we’d like to see less of. Easy on the eye it may be, but it doesn’t always reinforce the qualities and attributes that the coaches are trying to establish throughout the whole team. Certainly makes them feel good about the game though, and it’s important they enjoy the game.

At times the team played outstandingly well. One occasion towards the end of the morning saw them work together to prevent a South Leicester try. They worked brilliantly as a team to repel the attack and push them all the way back to the South Leicester try line. Everyone was involved in doing their own bit to make it work. More of the same during the whole match, we’ve shown we can do it!

Squad: Thomas, Harry S, Finley, Reuben, Matthew, Seva, Laurie, William, Jack, Harry BB, Ronnie, Joe, Eddie, Ewan and Harry F.

Andrew Shilliam


Oakham vs OWRFC U9s 13.1.2019


Oakham have one of the newest clubhouses we’ve had the pleasure of visiting recently, not to mention a sprawling selection of pitches covering a vast area of open space and a very generous amount of parking. A few more ‘directional’ signs to help those who don’t know the area well would come in handy too.

Once again, our squad was split into two teams and because of the distance between the two pitches it wasn’t possible to get a good feel for how both of them faired.

On the team I was able to watch, at times it seemed like our players needed a fair bit of ‘direction’ at times.

The morning had been turned into a bit of a mini tournament, minus the usual burger vans, bouncy castles, tournament photographers and long breaks between matches. The matches came quick and fast, with breaks long enough only for a brief pep talk from Head Coach Mark or one of the other coaches and a drink to freshen up. I’m certain the parents were all thankful as it meant less standing around on an exposed touchline in pretty rubbish weather!

Perhaps resulting from the Christmas and New Year break, there was a little rustiness in the play today. Head Coach Mark was reinforcing his usual high standards as he seemed to be constantly reminding everyone to be alert, to switch on and to improve their overall intensity and support.

As usual, when we worked together as a team and supported each other it seemed like we were able to score with ease in each match played. Likewise, when the whole team stayed positive and got involved, scoring and defending came easily to them.

We attack together and defend together, and when we do its fantastic to watch. Players running onto passes, support players receiving the ball and making ground to set up try after try, not to mention the intense tackling by a handful of our players.

However, on a fair few occasions we did seem to lack the intensity needed in the entire team. We needed to get a bit closer as a unit in both attack and defence, a little braver and lower in the tackle, and to show the eagerness and desire take control of the ball in the loose. We also seemed to be relying on two or three players to put a defensive shift in for the team.

Can’t fault the attitude of the players I watched though, especially on one occasion in the last match where it all came together they drove the attacking line back all the way to their own try line!

Overall, some work to do to get everyone switched on throughout the whole match and on our defence.

For the team I wasn’t able to watch, if their eagerness to tell me all about how well they’d done at the end of the morning was anything to go by, they had a good few matches.

Next up, Lutterworth.


Andrew Shilliam



Kettering vs OWRFC U9s 16.12.2018

Our final game of 2018 saw us travel down the A14 to Kettering.

As we arrived, we soon realised that our opposition U9s were very strong in number, with a rough count showing that they had over 20 players. They were warming up hard even before we’d managed to muster a handful of players ourselves. With one or two players short of a starting line-up things weren’t looking promising for us, though things soon improved. Because of the size and location of the playing space at Kettering it turned out that most of our team had struggled to locate the pitches we were allocated.

We joined in with the warm up organised by the Kettering coaches, which was a great way to get everyone together from the start. I’m sure there was a bit of ‘sizing up’ taking place, which isn’t such a bad thing before the start of the matches as it gives everyone a chance to get a feel for what and sometimes who they might be up against.

Our identity this season so far has been shaped by trying to keep the ball in hand, to go forwards and backwards as a group, and to keep the pressure and support up together. On this occasion in particular Head Coach Mark was especially keen to make sure that we kept the ball as dry as we could and off the floor. And when we did inevitably end up going to ground, Mark was keen for the team to pop the ball up quickly where possible or for the scrum half to come in swiftly at the ruck.

After borrowing a player from Kettering, it turned out we were able to field a couple of teams ourselves. And neither team let themselves down. They did everything that was asked of them, against a Kettering team who had apparently showed good form recently coming into this final match. The tackling was intense, with exactly the support in defence and attack that was asked for at the start, as well as some really impressive passing up and down the line. What was really pleasing to see was that some players who might have previously been overshadowed by others in the team really came to the fore. We competed well in all the matches, and even though we know the score doesn’t really count, I’m pretty certain we came out on top in most of the matches.

Overall, the promise and creativity of the team really shone through which bodes well for the U9s in 2019 and beyond.


Andrew Shilliam


LRU Prelim Festival 4.11.2018

To my memory at least, this was the first appearance of this U9 group at the County Festival, a tournament where winning actually does make a difference for once. Handled properly, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition and one eye on the end result, for once.

Much to the pleasure of all the parents, who secretly probably didn’t fancy standing around on the side lines until late in the afternoon, the fixtures had us playing four other teams (Colaville, Melton, Lutterworth and Stoneygate) and all in quite quick succession. We’ve come up against most of these teams in recent years and knew straight away that all the games would be competitive and played in the right manner.

Just like the performance of team, the weather started off brightly! Great news for parents again, though the grey clouds quickly made their way over. The coaches started by putting the players through their paces with some warm up drills that involved some passing games, some tackling drills and even a little bit of wrestling on the ground to cap it all off.

In the spirit of the game, the coaches also took a moment to explain to the players and the parents that the referees would be paying particular attention to the conduct and attitude of those on the pitch, as well as to the conduct and attitude of the parents on the sidelines. Neither disappointed, though there was confusion among both sets of parents when one of the referees marched over and gave us a telling off for questioning his decisions during the first half of one of the matches. Slightly confused by it, everyone shrugged it off and got on with things as we always do on a sunday, in good spirits and by offering support to all those involved.

We started off really well in the first two matches, winning against Lutterworth (5-4) and Coalville (5-1). During both matches our overall defensive play was well organised and resolute. On several occasions during each match there were some robust, try saving tackles that received some well deserved applause and praise from both sides. The team worked so well together that they even managed to prevent two or three certain tries with some strong defensive play on our own try line. Our third match, against Stoneygate, was always going to be a tough game. They’re an organised team, but we’ve been competitive on each occasion when we’ve played them in the past. We looked a little less organised and a bit slow out the blocks in this match, losing 4-3. The food, drink and sweets taken on during the short interval might have had something to do with that! Nevertheless, we came back strongly in our final match, knowing that we needed a win against a strong Melton team to be sure of progressing. In the end, it turned out to be another even match as it ended in a 5-5 draw.

Overall, the attitude and approach to the tournament by the whole team was first rate, as was the desire, determination and all round defensive effort on the pitch. Even when we lost, their heads didn’t drop and everyone stayed positive to the end! Well done guys. You did the club proud.

Team: Harry B.B, Matthew C, Ewan D.D, Jack G, Leo H, Oscar H, Joe J, Evan K, Laurie M, Reuben M, William M, Harry S

Andrew Shilliam



Match preview: Wyggs 1st XV away at Melton

Wyggs go away on Saturday looking to make it three on the bounce against a Melton side that haven’t won a game so far this season. 

Having gone away and watched Melton play against West Bridgford a couple of Friday’s ago, the lads have been warned not to be complacent. Melton looked very strong upfront and will be looking to turn their fortunes around with a home win against local rivals.

This weeks team sees a couple of changes with James Brookes making his 200th appearance at tight-head.  Lewis Jones and Billy Johnson get their first starts for a while. With Olly Mills injured there’s been a reshuffle in the backline that sees Tom Bishop and Callum Corley start at inside and outside centre with Hari Pathak-Mould coming in on the right wing.

The team to play Melton:

  1. Bryn Bolton-Waugh ©
  2. Lewis Jones
  3. James Brookes
  4. Michael Wright
  5. Ashley Gleadhill
  6. Billy Johnson
  7. Owen Morris
  8. Arthur Redfern
  9. Elliot Keable
  10. Jack Elliott
  11. Nick Tosh
  12. Tom Bishop
  13. Callum Corley
  14. Hari Pathak-Mould 
  15. Tom Claffey




  • Tom Gough
  • Oliver Clayton


Kick off 1415 at Melton



Match Preview: Super 2s away at Melton

After a disappointing week last week the super 2s are looking to get back to winning ways in yet another league game, this time away at Melton.

After a promising week at training and a few tactically chats about rewriting the wrongs of the last week the boys feel confident and are looking forward to what should be a hard game. With the 1s away also to the same opposition it could hopefully prove to be a big day for the club.

The side is largely the same as last weeks, with a few position tweaks here and there. The front row of Joe O, Sam Allardyce and Will clow stay together and Simon “rocket” Arnold returns from his holiday to come back into the second row. Harry White captains the team from 10 and Harry Neal comes into the side at 9 whilst it is a first start for the 2s this season for Chris Gray.

A very experienced team put out with 10 out of the starting 15 having played 1s over the last few seasons

  • 1- Joe O
  • 2- Sam Allardyce
  • 3. Will Clow
  • 4. Chris Gray
  • 5. Simon Arnold
  • 6. Ben Stringfellow
  • 7. Jack Arthur
  • 8. Will Edwards
  • 9. Harry Neal
  • 10. Harry White (Captain)
  • 11. Jonny Levett
  • 12. Guy Want
  • 13. James Boden
  • 14. Matt Rolfe
  • 15. Tom Boden

Nihal Douglas and Harry Mayfield make up the bench.



Match Report: Wyggs 1st XV relentless in hard win against local rivals Lutterworth

Wyggs hosted local rivals Lutterworth for the first time in three seasons on Saturday, Although it had been a long time since a competitive fixture, a lot of players still remained in both teams. Going into the match, both teams sat level pegging on 22 points with Wyggs sitting one place above on points difference.


Playing in wet and very cold conditions, Lutterworth kicked off proceedings and the first ten minutes was all Wyggs. Trying to play too much rugby, the opposition defence was well organised and quick to the breakdown. Wyggs couldn’t find a way through until being awarded 30 metres out in front of the posts. Jack Elliott got the first points on the board and it was 3-0 to the good.


A couple of sloppy mistakes saw Lutterworth make their way into the Wyggs 22 but never looked threatening. On 20 minutes Jack Elliott extended the lead to 6-0 with another well-struck penalty. Lutterworth then got their first points on with a penalty smack bang in front of the sticks.


With the opposition starting to come into the game Callum Corley was yellow carded for being too jovial with an old mate playing on the opposite team. The other player milked this but the ref wasn’t having any of it. Ashley Gleadhill left the game shortly after through injury with Billy Johnson replacing him in the second row.


Instead of letting this get the better of them, the lads turned things up and being a man down worked hard to get close to the Lutterworth line and it was Oliver Clayson who bundled his way over in the right-hand corner to get his first ever try for the 1st team. Jack Elliott struck the ball very sweetly to add the extras and it was 13-3.


In the last few minutes before the half Lutterworth added a further penalty which was to be their last points in the game and Olly Mills retired early through injury, being replaced by Hari-Pathak Mould. A reshuffle in the backline saw Callum Corley move to inside-centre with Path moving onto the wing. With it getting colder and wetter, Wyggs decided to run into the changing rooms with a 13-6 lead at the break.


Kicking off the second half slightly dryer and warmer, Wyggs got stuck straight in. Within a couple of minutes camped on the Lutterworth try line, the referee gave the advantage for a penalty and Jack Elliott took the free and kicked high and to the corner, for Callum Corley to make amends for his earlier misdemeanour to gather and dive over the line. On this occasion, the conversion was missed. 18-6 to the Wyggs.


Lutterworth had a chance to score on 50 minutes but butchered their only real opportunity of the game. This was the cause for major frustration within the opposition and shortly after this, Callum Corley’s old mate from earlier got a serving of karma and a ten-minute breather. This only gave Wyggs more energy and from then on controlled possession and kicked territory well with Lutterworth never getting back into it.


With 10 minutes to go, Wyggs determination paid off with Arthur Redfern finishing off a series of hard carries to score in the right-hand corner. With Path taking over kicking duties, he knocked over the tough conversion from the touchline in front of the lively crowd.

Wyggs saw out the remainder of the game in a controlled manner and bagged a very deserving four points that saw us move into fourth position and clear of fifth by three points.


Tough day for the 2s

A tough day for the super 2s against a strong Lutterworth side ended in a 7-52 loss.

Jack Arthur touched down for what was to be the only score of the day for the Wyggs who battled hard and put the effort in, but it was not to be. Credit must be given to Lutts who played very physical and clinical.

Big training week ahead for the 2s, who face Melton next week in another big league game. Hoping to get back to winning ways.


Match Preview: Wyggs 1st XV V Lutterworth

Fresh off the back of a strong win against Leighton Buzzard, Wyggs host a Lutterworth team in form after two big wins against Northampton Old Scouts and Melton Mowbray.


Since getting promoted three seasons ago, Lutterworth have performed very well, finishing in fourth position two years on the bounce in Midlands 1. Coached by former Wygg, Steve Lamb, they will be a tough test.


With the 2nd team also facing Lutterworth, training in the week has seen great numbers and a real buzz about the place. Going into the game there have been a couple of changes from the team that played last week. Jack Elliott and Nick Tosh return to the team after a week away and Elliot Keable gets the nod at scrum half.


The team to play Lutterworth:


  1. Bryn Bolton-Waugh ©
  2. James Brookes
  3. Tom Gough
  4. Michael Wright
  5. Ashley Gleadhill
  6. Oliver Clayson
  7. Owen Morris
  8. Arthur Redfern
  9. Elliot Keable
  10. Jack Elliott
  11. Nick Tosh
  12. Olly Mills
  13. Tom Bishop
  14. Callum Corley
  15. Tom Claffey




  • Lewis Jones
  • Billy Johnson
  • Hari Pathak-Mould


Kick off 3pm at Oval Park



Clinical Wyggs bring back a big 5 points from Leighton Buzzard

After suffering the disappointment of losing the last two games in the last minute both by one point, Wyggs were determined to get back to winning ways against a team that had won only once so far this season.


It was our first trip to Leighton Buzzard in 4 seasons since being on the end of an 82 nil hiding. With 12 of the starting 15 having over a 100 caps each, experience was on hand to deliver vengeance.


Starting the game uphill, Wyggs let their intentions known in an early scrum which gave sent the opposition pack back up the slopes at a considerable speed.


With Tom Gough on his first appearance for the 1st team this season, leading a series of hard carries Wyggs found themselves deep in the opposition half before Olly Mills carved a big line through the middle and ran it in under the posts. Hari Pathak-Mould had no issues with the conversion.


Shortly afterwards Wyggs were awarded a penalty just on the 22 which Path had no issues with.


Owen Morris got his first ever try for the 1st team shortly afterwards diving over from close range. The conversion was missed on this occasion.


Buzzard kicked deep and it was scrum-half Joe Lunn who caught and fed the supporting Tom Claffey who displayed dazzling footwork to beat a couple of defenders and win the footrace to dot down in the left-hand corner. The difficult conversion was made.


With 5 minutes to go before half-time, there was to be one final score from the Wyggs. With the ball being recycled well, Path made a big pass to the left and a great pickup from Callum Corley before a huge handoff and sprint to score in the corner and secure the 4-try bonus point. The kick, from the exact same spot as before, was made.


There was an early replacement with Joe Lunn going down injured with Elliot Keable replacing him just on the stroke of half-time. Wyggs went in leading 29-0 at the break.


Kicking off the second half downhill, Wyggs started slowly and had to wait 10 minutes before they scored again. A penalty kick to the corner saw the catch and drive come up just short of the line before Olly Mills was on hand to take the short pass and crash over from close range. The conversion from Path was successful.


It was then time for Buzzard to have their purple patch and they came close a number of times. Had it not been for the outstanding work rate in defence, it would have given them something to shout about.


Changes were made with Owen Morris made way for Billy Johnson returning from injury after 58 consecutive games and Lewis Jones coming on for Tom Gough which saw a reshuffle in the front row.


With 20 minutes to go Wyggs needed to find another breakthrough and it was James Brookes on his 199th 1st team appearance, who started things with a break through the middle who fed Arthur Redfern to beat the scrambling defence and run in under the sticks. The conversion was made by Path.


To finish things off, Arthur Redfern broke through the defence and offloaded to the supporting Tom Claffey to score. With the kick just to on the left hand 15-metre line, Path then split the posts to bring up the 50. Wyggs win 50 nil.


This was a clinical performance and showed the ruthless edge that won Midlands 2 last season. Everyone performed throughout the team but with several carries and big tackles, Callum Corley was the man of the match.


  1. Bryn Bolton-Waugh ©
  2. James Brookes
  3. Tom Gough
  4. Michael Wright
  5. Ashley Gleadhill
  6. Oliver Clayson
  7. Owen Morris
  8. Arthur Redfern
  9. Joe Lunn
  10. Hari Pathak-Mould
  11. Callum Corley
  12. Olly Mills
  13. Tom Bishop
  14. Jonny Levett
  15. Tom Claffey




  • Lewis Jones
  • Billy Johnson
  • Elliot Keable


Tries: Mills (2), Morris, Corley, Claffey (2), Redfern


Conversions: Pathak-Mould (6)


Penalties: Pathak-Mould (1)